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Czech Republic: Future problems due to budget reductions

Czech Republic: Future problems due to budget reductions

The expenditures planned from the state budget for transportation will be most limited next year according to the minister Dobes drawdown of grants from the European Union also. Minister of Transport says that in future years will be a big problem with financing the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure. The priority is for the Minister of Reconstruction D1 route. Under the framework of the budget approved by the Government, Ministry of Transport has for 2012 to get 24.59 billion CZK, including money invested from the European Investment Bank.

This is almost three billion more than this year. For the year 2013, but in view of the Ministry of Finance budget will fall to less than 18 billion crowns & in 2014 it’ll down to 17 billion CZK. “It’s a catastrophic scenario for the transport sector and infrastructure development such as,” says Dobes. The most of projects Ministry works on are based on the approved medium-term plans from 2010.

Plans to reduce budget expenditures in 2013 and 2014 are really scared the Czech Statistical Office and the Czech Cadastre Office. First Deputy President of the CSO Erik Geuss marked this situation as painful. CSO will manage next year with a budget of 884.4 million CZK, which is roughly 15.5 million less than this one. “Curtailment is indeed painful, but we will be able to realize this,” says Geuss for ČTK. For the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (COSMC) government in 2012 approved a budget of 2.7 billion CZK, which has a slight decline in compared with this year. Authority chairman Charles Supper said that it won’t mean more restrictions. The process of the digitization of cadastral maps will be continued, but it’s slow down. “I see the more real problem is in the budget outlook for the years 2013 and 2014, it’s counted with a very expenditure reduction and also will be necessary to ensure the government solutions. Such concepts are beyond reality, “said Dinner.

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